What people are saying…

“Shonda Schilling spoke at our annual La Salle University – Green Tree Partnerships Autism Conference in April 2011.  What an inspirational talk she gave!  Her honest, plain-spoken story of one family’s journey on the Autism Highway was delivered in such a way that everyone in the room—parent, teacher, student—could relate on a deep level.  Mrs. Schilling told us her book poured out of her because it came from her heart – she speaks from the heart too.”

Dr. Tom Latus — Manager, Green Tree Partnerships (Philadelphia, PA)


“Shonda Schilling gave a very personal and emotional presentation on how her family has come together in working  with their son’s  asperger’s syndrome. The questions generated by her presentation and her book  were testimony to the impact of her story.”  

Dr. Gary Rubin
Vice President
Institutional Advancement
Towson University


“Shonda Schilling was the key note for our organization’s 86th annual meeting.  Shonda conveyed the essence of warmth, candidness about her journey wrapping all of this with a touch of humor.  She was down to earth, connecting with the various ages, interests and agendas of the audience.  She was a pleasure to have speak at our event with a compelling story for any parent.”  

Anne Lehmann
President of the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary


“While I remain convinced that Curt would have done a great job for us, Shonda was fantastic!!! I have never seen anyone connect with an audience as she did yesterday. I personally felt like I got to know Shonda, Curt, and Grant, as well as the other Schilling children. We were all very moved by their story, and by Shonda’s genuine and warm personality. Given that we are an organization of senior financial executives, this is not an easy accomplishment! Also, she was kind enough to stay until the end of the event, and signed a copy of her book for everyone, making each person feel special. I am convinced if we had 500 additional people in the room, she would have had time to each of them. The fund raiser for Autism Speaks was very successful, as we exceeded our target by almost 30%! Shonda’s influence was a major reason for this.

Jack McCullough
The RoundTable Education Group, Inc.

“Occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists were inspired by the heartfelt story that Shonda shared at our annual Therapy in the Schools conference.  With gracious words, humorous anecdotes and practical suggestions, Shonda created a vision for how therapists and teachers can help children with Asperger’s Syndrome achieve dignity and self-esteem. “  

Carol Loria
President of Education Resources

    “Shonda is a great speaker, bringing warmth, caring, and a mother’s touch to the audience.  She was a great addition to our conference on autism.”  

Jennifer Gilpin
Vice President, Future Horizons Inc.

“Shonda Schilling’s heartfelt and honest account relates the challenges and s urprising joys of raising an “extra-ordinary” child – a little boy whose behavior challenged the expectations of everyone he knew.  In both her writing and her spoken presentations, Shonda’s voice is frank and emotional as she describes the harrowing process of Grant’s Asperger Syndrome diagnosis, her tireless efforts to understand and help her struggling son, and how much she has ultimately learned from him. Parents, teachers, caregivers and those who have contact with Aspergers or special needs children will draw wisdom and comfort from Shonda’s journey of frustration and determination, confusion and discovery.” 

Dania Jekel
Executive Director
Asperger’s Association of New England 



“Shonda Schilling’s message is one of struggle, but also of hope. Her compelling story is such due to her honesty and plainspokenness on the kind of challenges we face when working with children with Asperger’s. Her message to parents, teachers, and administrators is one of collaboration: we are called to work with one another for the benefit of all of the children we are entrusted to educate.”  

Sean Satterfield, Principal
Coffin and Gerry Schools


“Shonda Schilling’s presentation in Marblehead concerning children with Asperger’s Syndrome had a tremendously positive impact on our staff, school community and in me personally.  I could envision, while listening to this articulate young woman, the constant flexibility, internal strength, and love necessary to help a young child with Asperger’s Syndrome become successful and happy.  This is a constant challenge for many of our Marblehead parents, all of whom appreciated Ms. Schilling’s sincerity and depth of understanding on the topic of Asperger’s Syndrome and how it impacts her child, her family and other families.  I strongly recommend all parents listen to Shonda’s story.”  

Paul Dulac
Marblehead Superintendent of Schools  


“Shonda’s presentation was eloquent, articulate, and delivered straight form the heart without notes and with passion. She had the audience in the palm of her hands from the onset. Questions flowed for approximately ¾ hour and would have gone on longer if we had not stepped forward for a graceful closing.  One tangible impact of her presentation is the founding of a Parent Group whose first meeting is scheduled to be held on Nov. 17th. I will forward you a copy of the poster.

Ginny Eagan
Friends of the Tiverton Library 



“Shonda Schilling was our guest during lunch at our recent National Speaker Conference. Her talk was from the heart, very open about her family’s journey. Her humor and obvious love for her son and family came through her stories and experiences. I think it made the many parents in the room remember similar incidents, but also feel less isolated and part of a bigger group of parents working hard to help their children. Shonda’s story reflects the reality of so many families and it is critical for school staff to understand what a day in the life is like for families raising a child with Asperger Syndrome.  Shonda is a warm, funny, intelligent speaker with no airs about her. Simply fantastic.”

Joanne Quinn
Executive Director, The Autism Project