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UPCOMING EVENTS:  Both Harvard Medical School and Yale University School of Medicine welcome Shonda Schilling to speak this fall.


Our Family’s Journey with

Asperger’s Syndrome

by Shonda Schilling

introduction by Curt Schilling

“In this moving and insightful book, Shonda Schilling explains how she and her family came to understand and appreciate what makes her son Grant the Best Kind of Different. In the process of telling their personal story, she sheds much needed light on this often misunderstood condition.”

—Bob Costas

In THE BEST KIND OF DIFFERENT (William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers; on-sale March 23, 2010), Shonda Schilling, wife of retired Boston Red Sox All-Star pitcher Curt Schilling, shares the painful and joyous story of her son Grant’s struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome, how it changed the lives of her and her husband, and what other parents can learn about this increasingly common diagnosis.

For more information on the book click here…


What People are Saying about Shonda…

“The impact Shonda has as a speaker is equal to her book.  Her presentations are warm, open and full of insights.  Parents and professionals will benefit from her candor regarding her experiences with Asperger Syndrome.”

Scott McLeod, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
Massachusetts General Hospital


Engage and Inspire!

Shonda Schilling, wife of retired Boston Red Sox All-Star Curt Schilling, mother of four, including an Asperger’s Syndrome child, New York Times Best Selling author, skin cancer survivor and dynamic motivational speaker.  Her life experiences, her family’s journey with a spectrum autism  disorder and her willingness to candidly share the personal moments with the public, have made her an in-demand keynote speaker.  Engage, comfort and inspire your audience with Shonda’s real-life stories. Audiences relate to her, cry with her, and laugh with her. To book Shonda for your next event, contact Leighton Communications!